While the Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, has numerous ways to volunteer time and service, it also offers valuable training opportunities for its members. All of it is developed and executed with this in mind:

Committed to COMMUNITY. Committed to EACH OTHER.

Members can learn about different fields in the workplace, develop leadership skills, increase their understanding of current events in Kansas City, and discuss hot topics or hard topics by attending general membership meetings or small group trainings. Members can gain experience in leadership by participating in one of the League’s tracking tracks, the Advanced Leadership Certification Series or chairing or serving on the Board.

While members serving in leadership do receive excellent training, members do not have to do so to gain experience and training within the League. Members who volunteer in In-League placements receive training in areas from fundraising and underwriting, to communications and technology, to event planning and project management.

Members who choose to serve in the community can receive training in multiple areas, from teaching to working with children or elderly, to assisting hospitals, schools, and so much more, all impacting our community. Community volunteers are divided into JLKCMO’s Issue Areas, which include Childhood Development, Family Preservation, and Women’s Self-Sustainability.

JLKCMO members are not only able to impact lives around them through volunteer service, but also develop themselves through opportunities they might not receive in the workplace.

Training Meetings Available to Members

General Membership Meetings

Provide the general membership body with more robust content around the inner-workings of the League. Members have a unique opportunity learn about various relevant topics and community needs from prominent guest speakers. Committee reports, event promotions, and important JLKCMO updates from the leadership team are shared.

Group Trainings

Give members an opportunity to explore new interests, develop skills, and further their passions. Topics are designed to appeal to all generations of women.

Leadership Certification

Additional training provided by the League for members to grow in a number of areas. Outside normal meeting requirements, members can participate in the training track through the Advanced Leadership Certification Series (ALCS) to develop a specific area of leadership skills.

Topics covered during more than 80 meetings last year, among many others, included equity in education, diversity and inclusion, infertility and pregnancy loss, workplace leadership, financial and retirement planning, body image and self-acceptance, overall wellness, building your personal brand, and creating a legacy for yourself. Members had the opportunity to hear from several community leaders.